Monday, 9 September 2013

Zaatari Refugee Camp, Day 2 #YouTube4Syria

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

If any of you watch Lex on YouTube, then you'll already know about her trip to Syria. I think what she is doing is really important, and I wanted to share it with you all. She has 2 videos up at the moments where she explains what she is doing, and shows you some of the things that are being done to help the women and children of Syria.
I would really appreciate it if you shared this post with as many people as possible. If not the post at least the videos.

Day 1:

Day 2:


Thank you for watching these videos, and supporting the cause.

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Sunday, 8 September 2013

August empties

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

Well it's September, which means summer is almost over. It's starting to get colder, and the nights are getting longer, and I have to say, I'm excited.

With a new month comes a new set of empty products to share with you all, so lets jump right in.

Avon foot file, Superdrug soothing foot lotion, Arran Aromatics frankincense and myrrh soap, Blistex intense moisturiser, Park Inn hair and body shampoo, Yankee candles in pink lady slipper and camomile tea, Asda mint flossers.

My Thoughts on each product:

Avon foot file: This is no longer available and I am so sad. I love this foot file so much, it really got rid of my dry, rough skin, without much effort. I would use this almost every single night before bed, and it really helped me to get soft feet.

Superdrug soothing foot lotion: As well as using my foot file, I would also slather my feet in this lotion, then put on some socks. I love this lotion, it does what it says on the tin, it is soothing and very hydrating. I would totally recommend this. I didn't repurchase it, simply because Avon sell a massaging one that I wanted to try, so look out for a review on that soon.

Arran Aromatics frankincense and myrrh soap: I love Arran Aromatics soaps, the only problem is that they are huge and very difficult to cut. They are hydrating and lather well, and I am disappointed I have used both bars up, because I got them for Christmas and don't know where to get them from (yes I could look online, and I don't know why I didn't think of that before (my brain doesn't like to work all the time))

Blistex intensive moisturiser: I love Blistex, I used this every morning and night after brushing my teeth. I like this tube better than the original one because it easier to control. I will repurchasing this for winter when my lips are very dry and painful.

Park inn hair and body shampoo: I took this from the Park inn hotel in Watford last year when I was there for the Harry Potter Studio tours, but didn't use it because I tend to save minis for traveling. However I have started going swimming twice a week, and it is much easier to carry minis in your bag than full sized products, so I used this. It's nothing to write home about, but it does the job of washing your hair. I highly recommend the hotel though, it was lovely, and not too expensive either.

Yankee candle in Pink Lady Slipper: I enjoyed this candle, I like spicy scents in candles, but this is much more flowerly than spicy. I like it because it smells summery, but I probably won't buy it again, simply because I much prefer spicy scents. Plus I don't really light candles in the summer.

Yankee candle in Camomile Tea: OMGG I LOVE THIS! I am so surprised that I like this in a candle, for the reasons stated above, but it smells amazing! It smells sweet, even when it's not lit and I love it. I want to go and buy a full size of this, like right now.

Asda mint flossers: I've decided I like mint floss. It tastes yummy and who doesn't want to use a tasty floss? The only problem is that my mouth waters more when I use mint floss than plain. Oh well at least my teeth are minty fresh ;D

Well that's all my empties from the past month, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Have a beautiful day

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives