Saturday, 30 June 2012

Spring Clean again?

Hey girlies, I hope you are all alright. I can't believe it's been a week since my last post, I lost my internet, then had multiple things going on this week which meant that I couldn't post anything.

I planned and wrote a blog post re-doing my 'Spring Clean' series but my internet cut-out when I was half-way through and I lost most of it. So I thought that I would re-write it, even though the update is due tomorrow.

During my exams/very stressful months, I didn't completely end up un-organised, I mean my desk was still the same. There was areas that I felt got a little bit messy and my desk needed to be re-organised for summer, which is why I thought I would do this again.

I'm not finished so I will continue this into next week and do the rest of the 'Spring Clean' this week, which will allow anyone who wants to join in, join now and not be left out. It would be great if some of you did this with me, as I am one of those people that get motivated by others, and I would love to motivate you all too.

This rules for this week are simple: organise one area of your room or if you live alone, organise one room a day, take picture and share your tips and how you did next week.

I will be giving you each a new thing to add to your 'Spring Clean' each day, so check back for that.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and please check back tomorrow, or hit the follow button for more posts.

Talk to you all tomorrow

Have a beautiful evening/day/night


Saturday, 23 June 2012

Random haul

Hey girlies, hope you are all well.

I went shopping on Thursday with my mum and thought I would share with you what I bought :)

First I went to Primark, simply for the tiger onesie. It is the comfiest thing I have ever worn and it is so warm! I'm wearing it right now and it feel great. I has a tail and a hood with a face on it, which you would think would get in the way when your sleeping, but it doesn't. I like to wear it with a t-shirt on underneath because I don't personally like having anything zipped up all the way, so a t-shirt just covers my boobs/cleavage. If you want one you'll find it in the men's section for £12, and you can buy different animals, my friend has a monkey, and there was a penguin and a dragon when I went :)
I also bought a new bag. I had been looking for a new one for a while, but one that was under £15, simply because I am poor. This one was £9 which is a bargain! Every bag I have bought from Primark, for the past 2 years has lasted me so long! I have one that I could still use if I hadn't scuffed it, from 2 years ago, and my school bag was from Primark, and that is still usable too, so I know that this one is going to be great value for money.

Next I went to Superdrug to buy a few things that I really needed. I got Garnier Nutrisee ultra colour hair dye in frosted chestnut. This is the brand and colour I have been using since I went dark last August and I love it! It smells amazing and last ages. It also makes your hair feel so soft as well!
I picked up a new toner, which I will be sharing in my skincare routine post.
I got a base coat which apparently fills ridges and helps strengthen nails, so I think I will do a review on that.
I also bought Nivea Essential Care lip balm, simple because I love this lip balm and am constantly buying lip balm.
Finally I bought a new night cream. I had ran out of both my night cream and night serum a while ago and hadn't been able to find anywhere that was selling it. I think the entire night range must have been discontinued. Anyway, I was researching night creams, that weren't designed for ageing skin, and wasn't super-duper expensive and found this one. It is the Vitamin E night cream and it was only £2.99, so I bought it. However I went into my next, and final shop, and you'll never guess what I found!

That's right, I went into Poundland and found my night cream and night serum! So, of course, I had to buy them! I've given my Vitamin E night cream to my mum, because it does, apparently help with ageing skin, so if you would like a review of that I will get my mum to test it out and let you guys know.
I also bought an ice cube tray, because I don't want to keep buying ice, and I want to start making smoothies.
The final item I bought was an antacid tablets, because my mum had heartburn. That purchase wasn't essential to show you but I just thought I would share it with you guys, because I am super open on this blog :)

Well, that's all for tonight. Have any of you bought any new purchases recently? If so, show me in the comments below :)

Talk to you all tomorrow

Dream beautiful dreams

Hey girlies, this post is going to be very short, but it is just a post to make up for not posting last night.

The reason I didn't post anything is because I didn't know what to write about. I have all of these great ideas, but they take some preperation so until I am able to actually do those posts, my posts will probably be doing random chatty posts.

I want to know if you guys have any requests for me to write? Please don't request reviews on new products because I actually don't have any money to go and buy them, although I really wish I could.

I am also going to give you guys a list of posts I would like to do, and it would be really helpful if you could say whether or not you would like them. Also give suggestions for names of series?

  • Make-up collection
  • Blog sale
  • Book reviews (name suggestions?)
  • Organisation (name suggestions?)
  • Health/diet (name suggestions?)
  • New Years Resolutions update
  • Ins and Outs
  • What's in my bag
  • Holiday series (name suggestions?)
  • Update Skincare routine
  • My Saturday night routine
Please let me know if you would like to see these posts, and if you have any requests, please please let me know.

I do know what I am doing for tonight's post so I will talk to you all later

Have a beautiful day


Thursday, 21 June 2012

Prepare for summer - Your shopping list

Hey girlies, I hope you are all well :-) I've had a pretty great day, ya know not having to revise or worry about exams :-)

Remember my 'Prepare for summer' series? Well, I never finished it, and now I feel that it is too late to continue it. However, I thought that there was one post I had planned which I can still do, and that is a shopping list of all your summer essentials!
So lets get started:

  • Everybody needs some basic denim shorts. You can either go short, or long, distressed or plain, either way all styles look great on everyone. Mine are a simple plain pair that ends mid-thigh, which I feel isn't too long, but it isn't so short my bum is on show, but like I said whatever style you are comfortable with will look great. Plus they can be dressed up or down
  • Basic vest tops. Why wouldn't you want basic vest tops? They are perfect for wearing to the beach, or at a festival, and, again, can be dressed up or down
  • Sandals/flip-flops. These are super comfy and are super practical. They let your feet breath and you can get a tan
  • Sunglasses. It is important to get a pair that suit your face shape and have a UV protection of 100% to protect your peepers. When trying to find a pair to suit you, don't be afraid to look in the men's section, sometimes your face just suits those styles better; my best friend got a really cute pair from the men's section and they look great on her
  • A swimsuit that suits your body. I typically got for bikini's but recently I've been loving swim-dresses, and really want one, as they look good on everyone; especially the ones with ruffles and cinches in at the waist. They are also great for those who prefer to be more covered up
  • Lip balm, preferably one with an SPF in it. Just like in winter your lips can dry up in the summer, but they can also burn, which is why it is good to get a balm with an SPF. I am obsessed with lip balm and am constantly buying them, you can get some for as little as 46p from Home Bargains so you have no excuse for not buying any ;D
  • Sunscreen! This one is obvious, but many people still don't wear it and it is essential! I recently got badly burned because I wasn't wearing a high enough SPF, and UV protection, and I have really damaged my skin, so that night I went and bought the Nivea sunscreen for babies which has an SPF of 50+ and because it is for babies it has a lot of UVA and UVB protection. Obviously you don't have to get one designed for babies skin, but make sure it has an SPF of at least 30, and high UVA and UVB protection. Click here, here and here for extra information on Sunscreen and why you should wear it

I hope that this was helpful to at least one person. If any of you have summer essential that isn't on this list, please let me know in the comments :-)

I am thinking of doing a festivals essentials post, would that interest any of you?

Oh and just because I'm no longer doing 'Prepare for summer' post, I will definitely still be doing plenty of summer related posts, so please keep checking back

Talk to you all tomorrow

Have a beautiful day/night


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm back!

Hey guys, how are we all? I cannot believe how long it has been since I have done a post for you guys! I have genuinely missed writing my posts, but I am back now.

This is just going to be a short post because it is late and I am up early tomorrow, but I just wanted to update you all on my life basically.

Obviously I have been incredibly busy with my exams, and I haven't really stopped since March, but I am finally finished and it feels so great! I have so many posts planned, starting with my final 'Prepare for summer' post. I did plan on doing more posts in that series but my exams and coursework kinda took over my life and I now feel that it is too late to do any-more on it, other than the post I am doing tomorrow. I will also be updating you guys on my new Years resolutions within the next couple of days because that was supposed to be done every month.

I read the Fifty Shade series and I can honestly say that the series is amazing. I'll be honest and say that it isn't very well written, but it still sucks you in. I'm not planning on doing a full review on it as I don't know the age range of my readers, and it is definitely a bit saucy for under 18s and I don't really want to encourage those who are under-age to read it. I will also say, I feel like there is too much hype around it considering the writing isn't very good, but I suppose it's like Twilight and all of that hype (after all it did start as Twilight fanfiction). If you want me to go into more detail about it and my thoughts on it, let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to do that, with a warning in the title

I will be trying so hard to post something everyday, although I am away for a week at the end of July, so I don't think I will be posting anything during that week, but other than that I should have some time each day to write :)

Well that is all for now. I am so excited to be back, and I will talk to you all tomorrow :)

Love you guys

Have beautiful dreams/ beautiful days