Saturday, 31 December 2011

Blogmas day #31

It is almost 2012! Can you believe it? This year has been incredible and I just want to share with you my favourite things of the year.
Are you ready?

10. Falling in love. This one is bitter sweet, which is why it is number 10, because not only did I fall in love I got my heart broken. Obviously that was hard, but being in love with someone is such an incredible feeling and that is why it is in my top 10.
9. This site. It is amazing! The quality of the clothes is so good, and the price is amazing! I've only bought 2 things from it but I found a pair of boots that I'm in love with, just trying to decide on the colour.
8. This one is going to sound weird, but doing my English Language coursework for year 12. For the main part of it I really enjoyed it. We chose to types of work to do and I did an article and a short story and loved doing them. I loved researching and being creative. It was so good.
7. Being creative with my nails. I normally just paint them a single, block colour, but this year I have tried other things like a different colour on each nail, a different shade on a single nail, and a colour, then a glitter, then a colour. It's nice to be creative.
6. Soul Survivor! This was an amazing festival I went to this summer and wow! I can't wait to go again next summer. Encase you don't know it is a Christian festival where you learn about God and become closer to him. It really affirms your faith.
5. Getting onto Pottermore early. I'll be honest I was disappointed with Pottermore but I wanted to get on to find out which house I would be sorted into, and I got Hufflepuff. (I'll forever be a Gryffindor though)
4.  My Harry Potter obsession getting bigger, and becoming best friends with my best friend because of it. With the final Harry Potter released this summer, my obsession got like 100x bigger and it ended up being all my and my friends would talk about. And through that I became closer to one of them and we became best friends :)
3. The Final Harry Potter movie being released! I saw it 5 times and cried each time and I still do. I still get emotional thinking about parts of it or thinking about how it is over!
2. My mum and dad getting married. They have been together for so long and my mum had wanted to get married for so long and my dad kept refusing but this year he changed his mind and they got married this summer and it was beautiful and I love them.
1. Becoming a Christian. This is obviously a big thing to happen to me this year, and so far in my life! I love this one so much and it has definitely changed me for the better and I hope to grow stronger in my faith nest year.

So what are your top 10 things of 2011? Thinking of 10 was hard so don't worry if you can't think of that many.
I loved 2011 so much and I hope next year is even better.

I hope you all have an amazing New Year and that 2012 is your year! I love you guys and thank you for sticking with my Blogmas, even when it was very random and pointless at points and I will talk to you all next year (cheesy I know but I love saying it anyway)
Have a wonderful night, whatever you're doing, stay safe and Happy New Year!


Days until my first A level exam: 13
What I am listening to right now So this is love by Cinderella
Days until New Years Day: It's tomorrow guys!

Blogmas day #30

So I have just realized that I didn't write anything yesterday so here I am, catching up. I have no freakin' idea what  to write though, because I am ill and kinda just wanna play Harry Potter. So I think I should just keep this short.

So I just googled, 'Christmas is over' and found this:
How cute is that? It is so true as well. Lets face it, the things we love most in life are love, family, and friends, and those are things you can't buy, they aren't things, they are just there. I love that thought. Of course though we do all love actual things, for example, Harry Potter, or make-up, but they aren't the most important things to us, are they?

Anyway, I'm going to go. I know what I am going to post tonight which I am excited about so I'll talk to you all then


Days until my first A level exam: 13
What I am listening to right now: Happy working song from Enchanted

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Blogmas day #29

This month is almost finished guys! *sad face* What am I going to do?

The thought of January scares and excites me. Scares me because I have exams and feel so unprepared. Excited because, to me, a new year means a new me. I think that out weighs the terrifying thought of exams because one of my new years resolutions should fix that. I don't plan on going into that until new years day, but you will all get to know my resolutions :)
I should probably keep this short as I have revision to do and I'm up early tomorrow. But I just want to talk about my thoughts about this year coming to an end.
This year hasn't even been that bad, I've made great memories, and inevitably gained bad memories. No-one is ever going to have a year completely absent of suffering, even if it something small, like having an argument with a friend, no matter how hard they try. And I have to admit that this year has been pretty great.

I wish I could share pictures with you guys of my year, but the pictures from January to June/July have been lost as they were all on my old laptop and that died this summer and I'm not sure how to get them back. But this year has been amazing; I really got to know my best friend, I became a Christian and met some amazing people.
Of course not everything was great, but I try not to dwell on them and just live for the moment and focus on the great things in my life.

I feel like so much has changed this year and I am truly great-full for everything and I can't wait for more things to come next year.

So I've just had a thought; this post would've made more sense to be written on New Years Eve, but never mind, I'll think of something to post then

Now until tomorrow


Days until my first A level exam: 15
What I am listening to right now: A very merry unbirthday by Alice in Wonderland
Days until New Years: 4

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Blogmas day #28

I'm gonna be honest, I'm not really in the mood to write a Blogmas tonight. So instead I am going to leave you with a thought.

Why aren't men seen to have to change when women do? Why is it seen as okay for them to stay cave-men when women are changing the world and looking after the family?

I googled multi-tasking man and this came up:
Yes that's right a superhero!

Then when I googled a multi-tasking woman, this came up:
Just an everyday woman. Nothing special about her at all.

Why, when a man multi-tasks it is seen as heroic almost; yet when a woman does it, she is normal?

That woman is working, the man is on the phone and eating. The woman probably has a family she has to look after as well. The man probably has a family as well, but he probably doesn't look after them, his wife probably does.
So why is that? Why do women have to work 10x as hard as men to get anywhere then carry on working 10x harder when she does? 

Just a thought for you guys. 

I'm not going to do my add ons, instead I am just going to leave it at this.


Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Blogmas day #27

Hey all, as promised here is my 'What I got for Christmas' post.
I just want to say that I am not bragging, I just thought that it would be a fun post to do, so please no hate. People love to live vicariously through others, myself included, and thought that this would be a great post. After all it is just like a haul post, except most of these were bought for me.
Anyway onto the post and I hope you enjoy.

This is everything that I got in my 'stocking' (I don't technically own a stocking, they just get put at the bottom of my bed) Top left to right: 'So...?' set of 3 body sprays, Superdrug's own brand cucumber face mask, Chocolate Santa, 'Flutter' key chain, Chocolate coins, Superdrug's own nail polish remover pads, 'Flutter' perfume, Apple corer and slicer, Hair bands.

This is some things that I bought for myself, but as I opened them on Christmas I thought I would include them: Top to bottom: Purple 'suede' and gold glitter heels £9 from International, Burgundy flowy tank top £8 from Primark, Wool skirt £6 from Primark, Cream lace jumper £8 from Primark.

 This was my main presents from my family. Top left to right: John Barrowman calendar, Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire game for playstation 2, Galaxy selection box, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 poster, Colourworks make-up set, Now that's what I call Disney, Step Ultimate Collection, Pop Party 9, Soap (sorry I don't know the brand) Ukulele for dummies, 2012 planner/diary.

Finally presents from my friend. Top left to right: Baileys chocolates (really strong so I don't recommend buying them if you are under 18), Earrings, Ukulele, Wand.

 Just a close up of the earrings, as you can see they are cute owls and I love them so much.

A close up of my wand. It was made for me and it is Saple Mahogany, 10 and a half inches, with Dragon Heartstring. Again I adore this, It is amazing just like all of my presents.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What did you guys get for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

Talk to you all tomorrow.


Days until my first A level exam: 17
What I am listening to right now: This Town by Ministry of Magic

Monday, 26 December 2011

Blogmas day #26

So I didn't get around to taking pictures of my presents today, however I will do it tomorrow.

I don't really have much to say tonight, so I think I will just keep this post short. My Boxing Day's are usually quite relaxing, me whole family doesn't even get dressed. We all eat food, mostly sweet food, and watch movies together. I think I love this more than Christmas day, because we are all relaxing together, instead of like the rest of the year, where we are all stressing out. Speaking of stressing out, I go back to revision tomorrow! So my relaxation is over until the summer holidays; oh well, I got to work if I want to get into university.

Someone just tweeted this picture:

Isn't it beautiful? She called it the stairway to heaven and I agree. The way it never seems to end and the beauty of it, makes me think of going to a beautiful and happy place like heaven. I've always imagined a stairway to heaven being beautiful and unique, something you wouldn't see on earth. This, for me, represents that perfectly.

Anyway off to dream dreams of beauty talk to you all tomorrow


Days until my first A level exam: 18
What I am listening to right now: Bravest Man I Ever Knew by Ministry of Magic

P.S What should my new countdown be? Let me know in the comments below xx

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Blogmas day #25 - IT'S CHRISTMAS!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! Hope you all are having an amazing day.
My day has been great so far, although I did wake up late, especially for Christmas day. I didn't get up until 9! For me that is so late for Christmas, as I normally get up at 6. What time did all of you get up?

I love my presents and I can't wait to start practising my ukele! The book I got to teach me comes with a disc which will help me even more! I got some other cool presents, of course. Do you guys want a post about what I got, or would you prefer not to? I'm not sure whether or not to do one, because people tend to think it is bragging about what other people can afford to buy me. However in my opinion, if you think like that, then hauls of what you bought yourself are bragging about how much money you have. I love reading haul posts and I love doing them too, so if you guys want one, I will do it tomorrow; just let me know.

I'm wearing some new shoes that I bought for myself on Sunday, and they don't have a platform so are killing my feet. Every pair of heels I own have a platform, so that they are more comfortable and easier to walk in; however I fell in love with these shoes, and had to have them (especially as they were on sale :-P) but they hurt :-( My dad said I just need to wear heels more often, so seeing as my dad said to, I just have to; after all, I want to stay on the nice list :-P. I might put up an outfit of the day soon too as I adore what I am wearing, even if my skirt is to tight and rises up when I sit down xD.

Is anyone else listening to the official charts? I'm so excited for Alex Day and can't wait to see where he gets to in the charts. They are already on number 17 and he isn't there yet. It is expected that he will be in the top 10, which I have to say is amazing. I mean he is an unsigned artist, completely unknown outside of the internet up until the past week. It just shows that you don't need a record label, to become big now. I love that so much, don't you? If you are unable to listen you can follow me on twitter @PotterKim_ to find out where he landed.

This post seems more random than usual but, oh well, it's Christmas, what you gonna do? I've only had 2 drinks today, which is quite good for me. It is probably because we only have champagne, beer and eggnog. I don't particularly like champagne, although I will drink it, and I can't stand beer ha-ha.

I think I should probably go now and I will talk to you all tomorrow. Don't forget to tell me if you want a 'what I got for Christmas' post.

Merry Christmas and God bless


Days until Christmas: IT'S TODAY!
Days until my first A level exam: 19
What I am listening to right now: Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera  

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Blogmas day #24

Its Christmas Eve! Wow! Is it really Christmas Eve? Who's excited for Santa to come? Has everyone been nice? I really hope none of you are on the naughty list.

I don't really know what to write today. My day has gone pretty smoothly, I even had time to have a nap! Normally Christmas Eve is chaotic in my house, with my mum panicking, trying to make sure the house is spotless, turkey is defrosting all right, wrapping last minute presents but today she just took her time. She actually let me help her clean the house, which a first. I'm hoping that she will let me help her cook tomorrow, because I love cooking and I always feel a little bit helpless when I can't help.

I'm looking forward to my Christmas Eve night with my family. My mum refuses to cook on Christmas Eve so we always get a take-away and I have been craving chips for about 2 nights now, and I am finally getting some. But most of all I can't wait to get my shower and put on my Christmas Eve pyjamas. I can't do it yet because I'm off to church in a minute (this will probably be posted when I get back, right now it is almost 10 to 7) but when I get back I am jumping straight into that shower!
Isn't it such a great feeling having a shower? I love getting out and feeling refreshed. I just did that and now I'm in brand new pyjamas. This feeling makes me feel so happy. I have a chocolate face mask on as well (not home-made, store bought from Superdrug) and I can feel it cleansing my skin. I love nights like this but this night is the best. What with the build up all month then the excitement for Christmas morning. It truly is magical! What makes this year even better is that it is my first Christmas as a Christian and that makes it so special. This time last year I didn't care about some baby being born. But now I realize that that baby isn't just some baby, it is Jesus, our saviour. Knowing that God walked on this earth as a human, living and dying for our sins is truly amazing to think about. And I  don't know about you, but that makes me feel so loved! I've only been a Christian for a few short months but I can already see changes in me and my life; so this year, Christmas isn't just about presents and family but also about celebrating the greatest leader of all time's birth.
Saying that though, I can't wait to spend the day with all of my family and getting presents. Lately we haven't been able to spend time all together for one reason or another, so these next few days are going to be great. We are just going to relax and spend some quality time together.

Right I have to go and take this mask off, so I will talk to you all tomorrow


Days until Christmas: 1 MORE SLEEP
Days until my first A level exam: 20
What I am listening to right now: God of Justice by Tim Hughes

Friday, 23 December 2011

Blogmas day #23

Happy Christmas Eve's Eve. Can you believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve? Where has this month gone? I seriously can't even remember most of it! Are any of you guys like this at all? Or am I the only one?

Today has also gone so fast. One minute it was 10 past 7 in the morning and next it was 10 past 10 at night. I don't know where my day has gone! Well that's a lie, I know what I did. I was helping my mum finish off her Christmas shopping, which is why I was up so early.
It was nice being in town so early when hardly anybody else was. We got there for about 8:30 and most of the shops were open (of course, it is Christmas) We literally took our time, although to be fair, we didn't even realize. Primark opened at 9 and we went in as soon as it was open and we didn't leave until 10! It wasn't even intentional, we were just looking around, both of us trying to chose our Christmas day outfits and get our Christmas eve pyjamas and when we got into the queue, I looked at the time and it was 10 to 10! How crazy is that!
Ooh, we had a breakfast sub, because my mum wanted to sit down and have a coffee (not suprised really) and we were there for an hour, just sitting there talking. My breakfast sub was good though. I had the egg and cheese sub on Italian with a latte and, oh my gosh, so freakin' good. It's only £2 for a 6" and a hot drink, which I think is amazing value! If you are having breakfast on the go, go to Subway, really great value and it is so yummy.

I should probably go, I have work in the morning. But before I do, I just want to mention something. I don't know if any of you heard, but Christchurch in New Zealand had another earth quake this morning. I think it is so sad and I just want for all of you reading this to keep them in your thoughts and prayers. It is such a horrible thing to happen at any time of year, but so close Christmas is so upsetting. Luckily no-one has been killed but I still think we should pray for them and that they are all kept safe. I'll give you the link to the article on it here. That is where I just read more about it.
Things like that really make you appreciate what you have. We all take so much for granted. Of course we can't help taking what we live with everyday for granted. Yet it could still be taken from us at any moment. I want to make a promise with you guys, and I hope you do to; I want to try and appreciate what I have more. I want to spend more time with the people I love, and for them to know I love them and appreciate them. After all they are what matters most.

Sorry to leave on such a downer but I just wanted you all to be thinking of that. Of course you don't have to change who you are to show your appreciation and love, just live each day to the full :)

Talk to you all tomorrow and until then


Days until Christmas: 2
Days until my first A level exam: 21
What I am listening to right now: Ticking of my clock as I relax before bed

Blogmas day #22

Hey everyone, so it is almost midnight so I am going to keep this post short. I have had such a great day. In the  morning me and my mum bought the Christmas day vegetables which was so good :) We also bought some cake and had a coffee when we got in. It was really good, because I haven't really spent much time with my mum lately so I enjoyed it. Then I went to my friends house so that we could exchange Christmas presents. That was so exciting! I knew what my main present was, and I couldn't wait to open it. I'm not going to tell you what it is until Sunday, because I don't want to show Christmas presents until Christmas day; but I will tell you that I love it and it is so pretty! They got me 2 other small things which I love as well. Thank you guys!
We also had a few drinks and watched 2 Harry Potter movies, which is obviously great.
Ooh we went to see some really gorgeous lights and took some pictures. Most of them didn't turn out right because it was too dark and I don't have the best camera but it was still fun.

I'll leave you all now with some pictures and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Days until Christmas: 3
Days until my first A level exam: 22
What I am listening to right now: nothing *sad face*

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blogmas day #21 6 Christmas traditions

Hey guys, how are we all on this beautiful night? As promised there is a picture of all of the wrapped presents under the tree :) Most of the presents aren't from me, they are from my parents or family, but I got all excited putting them there :)

Anyway, I have just taken a break from tiding my bedroom to write this so that once I'm done cleaning I can calm down with a green tea and a book (A Christmas Carol). As I said yesterday I have today's post all planned out, and I am doing .... Christmas traditions!

Whilst I was writing yesterday I thought of one of the traditions we used to do and thought that it would be a great post to do :) Anyway onto the traditions:

  1. Every year, up until about 3 years ago, my family would go Christmas shopping together, so that my brother and I could buy our Christmas presents. What we would do is, we would both be given about £20 each, £10 for my mum and £10 for my dad. We would then split off, me with my mum or dad and my brother with the other parent, so that we could buy the others parents presents (the parent we weren't with) then meet back up about an hour later and switch. It was so much fun and I sort of miss it. Obviously both me and my brother are old enough to shop on our own, so we don't do it any more. I feel like I broke the tradition, because I was the one to buy all my presents when I was out shopping with my friends one year, then it just stopped. It would've stopped anyway, but still, it could've carried on for another year, even if it was just for my brother, who was 14 at the time.
  2. You see the angel on top of the tree in the second picture? We have had that all of my life and my mum had it all of her life. It has been passed onto her from her dad and it has been the only tree topper we have ever used. We got a really nice, home-made, one, one year from a friend, but my mum used it as an ornament on the mantel piece instead. I'm not allowed it until I have children, so I don't know what I am going to do when I move out next year.
  3. Following on from that tradition is that my mum always decorates the house by herself. I don't really like this, but my mum has done it since she was in her teens and really enjoys it so I don't mind that much. I'll try and help her next year so that she can rest a bit
  4. Our decorations are always up on the 1st December. I love that so much, because, as you all know, I love Christmas and coming home from school to see them up makes me really excited!  They also come down no later than the 5th January because my mum is superstitious.
  5. We get our picture taken with every, single, present as we open them, on Christmas morning. I used to love this when I was little, but now I don't really like it. Mostly because I have just woken up and I'm not wearing any make-up. But I suppose I don't mind too much because I love traditions
  6. We get new pyjamas every Christmas eve. I love pyjamas so I get really excited about this. Makes me feel so clean, fresh, and cosy.
So that is my traditions. I hope you enjoyed this post and as always leave responses in the comments below. I would love to hear your Christmas traditions.
Talk to you all tomorrow


Days until Christmas: 4
Days until my first A level exam: 23
What I am listening to right now: Saviours day by Cliff Richard

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Blogmas day #20

Is it really the 20th today? Where has the month gone? I don't know what I'm going to do when December is over, you know with my blogging? I don't know how I'm going to cope not writing everyday! I might keep it up you know. Well at least for as long as possible. I don't know how long that will last but you never know I might be able to do it for a year. Although I do have exams and coursework to do over January. Then obviously more coursework until my exams in the summer. Oh and hopefully starting university in September, so those might make it slightly difficult to post everyday for a year, but I think I'll try. Would you guys like that? They wouldn't all be like this one, there would be mini-series', like my study series, um tags, Outfit of the days etc and of course, random posts like this. I dunno, I just love blogging everyday and I don't really want to stop.
If you guys are bored of my daily blogging let me know and I'll stop in January and just go back to my 2/3 a week posts about specific things.

Ooh I finished wrapping today! It was exciting and now all I have left to do is put on the gift tags and put them under the tree. I'll do that tomorrow and take a picture to show you guys. I love wrapping presents, wish I could do it all year! :D

Wow I'm tired. I should probably go to sleep soon but I'm watching Tangled! Love this film so much. I watched it for the first time on Friday and fell in love. New favourite Disney movie, although I do still love my other favourites.

Guys I'm gonna go. I've thought of a post for tomorrow, and I don't want to do it right now because it will make this post too long.
Talk to you all tomorrow


Days until Christmas: 5
Days until my first A level exam: 24
What I am listening to right now: Rapunzel's revelation

Monday, 19 December 2011

Blogmas day #19

Wow I can't believe how soon Christmas is! I am getting more and more excited as it get closer! Although I do still have some presents to wrap, ones which I am giving out on Thursday, so I should probably sort that out.

I went to Chester today and it was so good. I adore Chester so much, it is such a beautiful city. I think going there has made me even more determined to get into that University! I want to live in a city as beautiful as Chester. Yes I know it is expensive but it is close to other cities to shop in, so that helps. Plus, as a student, I'll get quite a few discounts. The beauty of the city and of the university makes up for it anyway. I'm in love with Chester and I can't wait to live there!

I took a few pictures so I'll post them here:

I know my pictures aren't the best, but I just took them for fun. I love taking pictures of scenery; you know the sky, buildings, horizon, etc. They are just so pretty.
You know what I just realized, I could have put on my flash for the pictures. That would have made them turn out so much better because it was such a gloomy day. Oh well, I'll remember for next time.

You know what I love? How the horizon and sky never seem to end. I think that is why I love taking pictures of them so much. They make me think of how God is like that; He is never ending, surrounding us everywhere we go, and His love continues forever. I just love that so much, don't you?

Some of these buildings also reminded me so much of Grimauld Place, which is why I took them. I would love so much to live in one of these houses, just because they look like Grimauld Place. Wouldn't that be absolutely amazing? That would make me so happy!

Oh those pictures of the Starbucks cups are our Eggnog lattes. I tried Eggnog for the first time and fell in love! The latte was so good, then I tried Avaca(?) which apparently is basically a branded Eggnog and it is so good! It reminds me of thick yellow icing, with some alcohol. I mean it looks like it and tastes a bit like it. I would like to try non-alcohol Eggnog, and I found a recipe to make it which I might try out before the Christmas season is over. Have any of you tried any version of Eggnog? If you did, which one, and what did you think?

I'm so glad I get to sleep in tomorrow! I am so tired. Think I'll go to bed soon so I should go. Talk to you all tomorrow.
Ooh and don't forget to download at least 1 version of Forever Yours by Alex Day, especially if you live in the UK.


Days until Christmas: 6
Days until my first A level exam: 25
What I am listening to right now: Numb by Marina and The Diamonds

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Blogmas day #18

Happy  Forever day! :D I have a request to all my British readers, can each of you download at least one version of this song this week? I will love you forever if you do. Alex is such an amazing YouTuber and Artist and it would be amazing if he could get Christmas number 1. All the money he makes from the sales he is giving to World Vision and he has already raised so much money for them.
If that doesn't cinch it for you, then how about he will be The X Factor winner, Little Mix, and Justin Bieber.  Who wouldn't want to beat them? (No offence to anyone who likes either of them)

The song was only available today (well for it to count for the charts, and most people waited until today anyway) and it already got number 4 in the download/iTunes chart. I cannot tell you how proud I am of him. Just think how much money he has already raised to World Vision! With your help he can get into the top 40, 30, 20, 10 or even 5! He deserves it so much and I would be so happy for him if he did it! The best thing about it is that he would have done it without any record label! I think that just shows how technology, in particular, the internet, is taking over the music industry. You don't need to be signed to make amazing music and have a huge fan base. In fact I feel that the Nermiearmy is an amazing fan base, better than those fan bases that are fans because they are famous.
So please help an unsigned artist make it into the charts on Christmas day and I will love you all forever.

Oh and the above video was made, quickly, by me today to celebrate Forever Day; I hope you liked it. But most of all I hope you liked the song :)


Days until Christmas: 7 (A WEEK GUYS)
Days until my first A level exam: 26
What I am listening to right now: The 8-bit remix of Forever Yours by Alex Day,

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Blogmas day #17

Do you ever feel like you don't fit in? Ever feel like you have to suffer because you are different from everybody else? Because you like different things to them? I do, all the time and, to be perfectly honest, I'm fed up with it. So today's post is going to be aimed at all those people who feel the same way. To everyone who feels they suffer for being different.

Why do we always feel judged and like an outcast? People feel the need to be accepted by others, yet people judge others. We judge unknowingly a lot of the time; we might say something to someone that can, maybe, come out wrong, or maybe it was taken out of context. Sometimes we say something to someone, it might just be asking them a question, but its the way we say it that makes it seem like we are judging them. You've probably been on the receiving end of that before; I know I have and I know it feels horrible.
We need to stop worrying what other people think of us and we need to stop making judgemental comments. If you think something about someone you don't know, keep it to yourself. I think the problem is, is that we judge people ourselves, so we're very aware that people probably do it about us too. But really think about how often you actually judge people. It's not very often is it? And why is that? I'm gonna hazard a guess and say that it is because you're too worried about what other people are thinking of you. Truth is though, they probably couldn't give a damn about you: what you like, how you look or how you act, they are too bothered about themselves. The people who do care about you, shouldn't judge you. I know some of you may feel judged by family members, but they probably aren't, they are probably just joking around. If you feel judged by family, before getting upset, try and think about your mood; chances are, you're probably not in the best mood, are you?
So we need to take a leaf out of Luna Lovegood's book. She truly does not give a damn about what people think of her. In fact she is completely oblivious to their thoughts. Why can't we all live like that too? I know that it is hard. I try so hard to be oblivious to how people see me, but sometimes it is just too hard. But writing this has made me realize that the times when it is hardest is when I'm not in the best mood. I'm upset for whatever reason and I let other peoples perceptions of me into my head. The happier we are, the less we care what others think.

If you ever feel down or judged, I want you to come to this post, and if it helps, read it, if not comment how you're feeling. You don't have to post the comment if you don't want to. Another good idea is to write it down. I always find that helps me.
Remember one thing: Only God can judge you.

DFTBA lovelies

Days until Christmas: 8
Days until my first A level exam: 27 (worked it out wrong earlier)
What I am listening to right now: Me typing away

Blogmas day #16

Oops I forgot to write last night. I'm really bad at writing this on a Friday aren't I?

This post is probably going to be short because I need to make sure I have something to write tonight :P As I write this, I currently have no internet connection (not sure why though) Obviously when I post this, I will have internet but that is why it is so late, unlike last week :P

Don't you just love 'The Big Bang Theory'? I'm watching this weeks episodes :) Ha-ha love how Sheldon just came in yelling "Get your women in line" love Sheldon so much, he is so funny. Amy is hilarious too xD
You know what other E4 show I am obsessed with? 'How I met your mother' I need both of these on DVD, anyone wanna buy them for me? :P

Ooh I forgot! It snowed yesterday! I got so excited about it and started scream (just being me duh) I love it so much, made me feel so happy and even better it made my friends who weren't feeling Christmassy, feel Christmassy :D Isn't that just the best thing ever? Did anyone else get any snow? Leave me pictures below :)

I don't really have much to say so I'm gonna go and carry on watching TV :) Talk to you all later :)


Days until Christmas: 8
Days until my first A level exam: 26
What I am listening to right now: Opening scene to 'The Big Bang Theory'

P.S I don't live in London so that picture is not mine

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blogmas day #14

I love this picture. It makes me feel so warm and cosy. I love deep red, especially at Christmas time. Why did red and green become associated with Christmas? And why was Santa invented? I often wonder these things. Do any of you guys know? If you do let me know, it would be so interesting to find out, don't you think? I might research it and let you guys know tomorrow.

Did anyone watch 'My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas' last night? I'm watching it right now. I watched 'My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding' and thought it was amazing to watch; you learnt a lot about Gypsies, you kind of start to think about stereotypes, because obviously this show shows how a lot of the stereotypes are not true. Obviously this is true for a lot of stereotypes, which is why you shouldn't judge people based on stereotypes, yet people still do.

I have to say, I adore the dresses, even if I would never wear one that big. Is it weird that I've already found my wedding dress? I found it when I was looking for my prom dress a few years ago. It is nowhere near as big as the gypsies dresses. When I found it, I knew that I wanted a winter/Christmas wedding because its red on the back, which is obviously very Christmassy. I love it so much and I can't wait to get married. I know that this might seem very strange considering I am only 19 and I'm single but I really can't. I also can't wait to be a mummy. You know what, I  think I just can't wait to be a family.
I've already decided how my Christmas' are going to be. I want them to be like those American family Christmases, you know where both sides of the family are at a log cabin, surrounded by snow? That is what I want. All of you probably think this is really weird, that I think about things like this but I like it xD Do any of you guys think about things like that?

Anyway I'm gonna go watch the rest of this then do some coursework and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Days until Christmas: 11
Days until my first A level exam: 29
What I am listening to right now: My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Blogmas day #13

I feel like I am clearing out my mind. I've started to delete people from my facebook, because lets face it, I don't talk to most of them so why do I need them on there? It feels great, and I'm not even done yet! I'm also unfollowing people on Twitter, because I follow so many people. It's mostly just companies that I'm unfollowing and celebrity gossip accounts because I tend to just skip over them. It feels like I'm clearing space in my mind, probably because I rely on Twitter so much xD

Ooh I started wrapping Christmas presents tonight! I've only wrapped 3 but it makes me happy. They are just the ones I am giving out on Friday because the rest I'm giving out next week so I don't need to wrap them yet. I was at my friends house and they had presents under the tree and I got excited and just had to wrap some of mine :) I got even more excited when I saw my present from them. They wouldn't let me have it yet though *sad face* I can be so impatient sometimes, but to be fair I know what it is and am so excited to get it.

You know what else I can't wait to do? Give out my cards. I wrote them today too and I have a lot this year! But I love giving people things, don't you?

Wow I am suddenly so tired, should probably get an early night, although I do get a lie in tomorrow because I'm going to an open day :) Don't you just love when you get the day off school to go looking around a beautiful university? I love it, the university I am going to is so beautiful and I am tempted to take my camera to take pictures :P I can't wait to visit it again. I really hope I get the grades for it. I really need to make sure I work my butt off, including during my Christmas holiday.

Anyway I'm going to bed. Night all you beautiful people. Love ya kiss kiss


Days until Christmas: 12
Days until my first A level exam: 30
What I am listening to right now: My grown up Christmas list by Kelly Clarkson (love this song so much)

Monday, 12 December 2011

Blogmas day #12

Today has been so unproductive. Sure I was at school, and sure I finished a really book, (which I plan on doing a review on tomorrow) but apart I haven't done anything productive.
Ooh I was at my House Group today, which I haven't been to since September! And that made me happy because I love House Group and I love the people. I love learning about God and feeling that closeness I feel when I'm there. We weren't learning about God today, because it was the last one of the term so we had a kind of party, with food and a board game which was so fun. I can't wait to be able to go back every week, just got to get an exam out of the way first :)

I was just on and found these:

Don't you just love them? In the book I finished today in it, it said to put a picture like one of these on the wall you see before you fall asleep and when you wake up in the morning, to help you feel closer to God, and I am definitely going to do that! I love God and I want to be closer to Him so I am definitely going to do it. 

I'm sorry, I've just realized how religious this post is. Well this Blog is about me and you guys wouldn't read it if you didn't care. I don't know why but I just felt like this is what I had to talk to you guys about today, and I'm sorry if you didn't like it. 
Are any of you guys religious at all? I don't mind if you're not, my best friend isn't. I love talking about my religion and how it makes me feel, so let me know if you liked this post and if you did I will do more. If not I won't do them very often.

Anyway I am so tired so I am going to go and get ready for bed. I'm curl up in bed and read A Christmas Carol :)

Talk to you all tomorrow and until then


Days until Christmas: 13
Days until my first A level exam: 31
What I am listening to right now: Take the world by Tim Hughes

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Blogmas day #11

This video has just made me feel so happy.

So I have no idea what the heck to write tonight. I just wrote a post, but it was way too personal to be uploaded to the internet so I deleted it. I will say thought that I'm not in the best of moods and just want to crawl into bed, so I think I'll keep this post short, sorry guys.

Did you guys watch the video? I thought it was hilarious and love it so much. I am definitely buying the song. I want him to get really high in the charts. Wouldn't that be amazing? I love him so much! He is definitely one of my favourite YouTubers ever! Him, Charlie, Phil and Dan are my favourite Vloggers! They are all hilarious! Don't you think? Who are your favourite Youtubers?

Yeah I really have nothing to say tonight, so I'm gonna go and get ready for bed and go there. Sorry for the short post guys, hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.


Days until Christmas: 14
Days until my first A level exam: 32
What I'm listening to right now: Almighty God by Tim Hughes

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Blogmas day #10

I'm sitting here watching my all time favourite Christmas movie, soaking my feet, and it is absolute bliss.

Today was good, although I only got to watch one movie with my mum because we both fell asleep. To be fair we had both been up since 6am so you can't really blame me >_< We watched Christmas luck, I think it was called, and it was so good. I didn't like the ending but everything else about it was good. It was about this single mum, who was really poor, and had her car stolen which had a winning lottery ticket in it. She puts it on the news and the guys who saw it and gave the car back but kept the ticket. They decided to try and get her to put up a reward for the ticket, with one of the guys not agreeing to it. I don't want to give away anything but I do recommend it, it was a really sweet movie, perfect for Christmas time.

Aww poor Scott, its the part where he loses custody. This movie is so good, I love the relationship between Scott/Santa and Neil so funny; and Charlie is adorable! I'm watching The Santa Claus encase you were wondering. Isn't it just the best Christmas movie ever!? What's your favourite Christmas movie? I would love to know, and if I haven't seen them before I would love to check them out.

I got A Christmas Carol from the library today! I am so excited to read it as I've never read it before, only seen the movie adaptations. Have any of you read it? If you have, let me know what you though of it.
I just have to finish the book I am currently reading before I can read it, but I'm hoping to finish that tonight, after the movie :)

Anyway I should go and dry my feet and slather them in body butter for soft feet :) I'll talk to you beautiful people tomorrow :)


Days until Christmas: 15
Days until my first A level exam: 33
What I am listening to right now: The Santa Claus

Blogmas day #9

So technically this isn't day 9 but this post is for yesterday. I was out pretty much all day until about half 11 and I just needed to sleep, which is why I didn't write anything last night. I need to do something for Fridays cause those are the days I don't get home until really late. I'll work something out.

Guess what! I only have selection boxes to buy now! I finished my Christmas shopping yesterday and was so happy! Still waiting for parcels to arrive, but I've bought everything! Sorry for all of the exclamation marks, I'm just really happy and excited about it! Can't wait to get them wrapped and put under the tree :)

Oops, I've just eaten an entire pack of Jelly Meerkats :/ They are so good, and I've been craving Haribo for weeks but the vegetarian ones are so hard to find, so when my mum saw these in Aldi and saw that they were suitable for Vegetarians we bought them. Thing is though, I'm on my second pack. My diet kind of failed on Thursday night. I feel so guilty about it because I was doing so well, but I gave into temptation. I feel like I do have an excuse though, its that 'time' of the month, which makes every girl just want to eat junk food. I know that really that is no excuse but I can't help it. I still exercise, in fact I exercise more during it, so its not like I've completely given up and I will start again on Monday. Not tomorrow because I have a Christmas party, so that would be a bad idea to start dieting tomorrow. I feel really guilty about giving in, probably because I told everyone about it and I was trying to help others with their weight lose too. I promise that I'll start again on Monday and I will be really good.

Um yeah so I don't really have much to say right now, so I'm off to watch movies with my mummy :) and I will talk to you all later with  today's Blogmas :) Until then


Days until Christmas: 15
Days until my first A level exam: 33
What I am listening to right now: Happy New Year by Abba

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Blogmas day #8

I feel like this is late tonight. I forgot about it, because I'm watching The Grinch, one of my favourite Christmas movies by the way, but just checked twitter and saw someone tweet something about Blogs and I was like crap I haven't done mine today!

I don't really know what to say today. My day hasn't been particularly interesting, I just want to sleep again.
It has been so cold, which I like when I'm not going anywhere, but I was in school and just wanted to go home to bed. Do you guys ever feel like that? Just can't be bothered with anything? I've felt like that a lot recently and I don't really know why. I think it might be because of the weather. This weather always makes me feel unmotivated and unproductive. Plus I haven't been sleeping much so that can't help LOL

I just googled what Christmas is really about, just to see what other people thought, and everyone thinks the same thing; its about about the birth of Jesus. And yet nobody thinks about this. Everyone is so obsessed with materialism that they don't celebrate the true meaning. I don't understand why everyone always feel like they need the latest things, why not just be happy with what you have? What is wrong with being happy with what you have? We are very lucky to have what we have and to live the way we do, and yet people don't appreciate it. It makes me sad that hardly anyone appreciates the life they have; especially because there are so many people who don't have what we have. They live in a very disadvantaged country and would love what we have and yet we take it for granted.

Sorry rant over. I know I am guilty of it too but it still makes me sad. Anyway I'm gonna go now I don't really have much to say tonight :(

Talk to you all tomorrow


Days until Christmas: 17
Days until my first A level exam: 35
What I am listening to right now: The Grinch

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Blogmas day #7

Judge me all you like, but Santa just came round and I got excited!
I should probably explain that he didn't come round to my house for a cup of hot cocoa. Every year, Santa rides around on a truck decorated as a sleigh, playing Christmas music really loud, with people walking along side knocking on peoples doors collecting money for charity. I love this idea, it is so cute; and Christmas is all about giving right? I always get so excited, I mean who wouldn't get excited about seeing Santa?
I may, or may not have sent a letter to Santa yesterday. I found the 2 Christmas sites I always went on as a kid and got excited so sent a letter to the big guy in red. It's so awesome and I can't wait to get my reply. Hmm I wonder if I have one yet. Let me check. Oh, he hasn't replied yet *sad face* I am such a big kid aren't I? Isn't 19 about the time that you stop being so excited? Ah well I don't care, I love it! *happy face*

Hey I just thought. Do you guys want the website links? I'll give you them now; the first one is North Pole and this is the one where I sent my letter from. This is probably my favourite one, it really is amazing. The second one is Claus and this one has elves that sing! How cool is that!? Both sites have Mrs Claus' kitchen and recipes which I adore. I love to bake and cook, so good, and these recipes are really good too. Although they are American so if, like me, you live outside of the States, you might find need to change some ingredients (not sure cause I haven't looked at them all in so long, I've only looked at Eggnog) 
Do yo guys have a favourite Christmas website? Please check out these sites and let me know what you think :)

Umm I had kind of planned to talk about something different today, but then Santa came and I got sidetracked. You guys don't mind do you?

I best go and get my tea. So until tomorrow lovelies 


Days until Christmas: 18
Days until my first A level exam: 36
What I am listening to right now: The Sweater Song by The Hermione Crookshanks Experience

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Blogmas day #6

I am so tired today and don't really have the energy to think of anything to write, so instead I am doing a Christmas tag that I found called the Holly Jolly Tag.

  1. Favourite Christmas Movie(s)? The Santa Claus movie, you know the one with Tim Allen in? I love that one so much. I definitely watch it at least 3 times each year.
  2. Are you on the Naughty or Nice list? I actually took a couple of tests on this, and all of them came back Nice. So I am on the Nice list
  3. Show us an embarrassing Christmas Card photo! I've never taken a Christmas card photo :(
  4. Have you ever had a white Christmas? Apparently a white Christmas only counts if it is snowing on the day so no :( However I think it should count if the ground is covered in snow, which we had last year. What do you think?
  5. Where do you usually spend your holiday? At home. We're always home which I really like. I think Christmas is such a great time to spend with your family :)
  6. Play or sing your favourite Christmas song! Obviously can't do that because this isn't a video, but my favourite song is Last Christmas by Wham! or All I want for Christmas is you by Mariah Carey (the original not the Beiber version)
  7. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve? No, but we do get new pyjammas on Christmas eve which I guess could count as a present
  8. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer? Umm lets see: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Blitzen and Rudolph. Am I missing anyone?
  9. What holiday tradition are you looking forward to most this year? We don't really have traditions, I just can't wait for spending the day with my family, when everyone isn't stressing :) Although I love Boxing Day when we all stay in our jamma's watch movies and eat food. Could that count as a tradition?
  10. Is your Christmas tree real or fake? Fake. Which if you think about it is better for the environment and lasts for years so works out a lot cheaper :)
  11. Hands down, what's your all-time favourite holiday food and sweet treat? Trifle. I know you can have this all year round, but for as long as I can remember I've only ever had it had Christmas time, so it is my Christmas dessert. Although I do love Candy Canes which are a Christmas treat
  12. Be honest: Do you like giving or receiving gifts better? 100% giving. I think that is my favourite thing, giving people present! I love when I give people presents so much.
  13. Show us your tackiest Christmas Attire (example, ugly sweater) I don't have one. I do really want a Christmas jumper though, like the one in the picture :)
  14. What would be the dream place to visit for this holiday season? I would love to go to a cabin log, somewhere where it snows a lot. Or New York, but not as much
  15. Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make? No but I wish we did though
  16. Are you a pro-present wrapper, or do you fail miserably? I'm not pro, but I don't fail miserably. I'm definitely getting better at it :)
  17. Most memorable holiday moment? One Christmas Santa got me a twin pram for my dolls. When I got up it was assembled and covered in a blanket and my mum told me that Santa had got tired and had decided to take a nap. I remember being scared to wake him and didn't want to take the blanket off. I don't remember who took the blanket off but I remember being relieved that Santa wasn't there and being really excited about the pram :)
  18. What made you realize the truth about Santa? I don't know to be honest. I just remember that every year for about 2 or 3 years I would say that he didn't exist, but my mum would always convince me by Christmas eve, but one year I guess she just gave up cause it was happening each year and told me the truth.
  19. Do you make New Years Revolutions? Do you stick to them? Yeah, every year and I try so hard to stick to them, but always fail
  20. What makes the holidays special for you? Families being together and being happy. Even those people who normally might be a bit down on a daily basis are always really happy during Christmas time and it just makes me feel great. 
Well that was it. There was more questions that I expected but it was fun. I tag everyone reading this to do it and leave the link in the comments below. I look forward to reading them and I will talk to you all tomorrow.


Days until Christmas: 19
Days until my first A level exam: 37
What I'm listening to right now: Sonorus by Romilda Vane and the Chocolate Cauldrons

Monday, 5 December 2011

Blogmas day #5

Feel so Christmassy right now :) I'm writing this post in my living room, which is complete in its Christmas decorations, and I am in my pyjamas. I think the only thing that would make this even better is having the fire on, but I'm not going to be in here long enough for it to be worth putting on; I only plan on watching one episode of Lost Girl then going back up to my room.

Wow that opening paragraph was kind of pointless, it didn't really say anything. Oh well, that's what this blog is all about :)

I love how well my week has started. I have felt so fresh and happy which is always good. Also I haven't ate too many things that are unhealthy; I did eat some chocolate, but compared to what I normally eat I have been good. I know December is the one month when you are expected to eat bad, but I'm trying to lose a bit of weight.
I'm going to let you into a secret, I need to lose weight; I recently bought new jeans and now I no longer fit into them, and instead of buying new jeans I'm going to lose weight. It saves money too.
You know what? It's a good thing that I like being healthy. I love health foods and I love exercise, its just that recently I have been rather lazy and badly craving junk food. Also I've been drinking more alcohol than I may normally, which has a lot of calories.

I have no idea what this post is about to be honest. It is really random.

Oh I have a question for you guys. Do you still want posts I normally do, like my study series, during Blogmas? Or do you just want posts like the ones I have been doing now? Let me know what kind of posts you want to see in the comments below.

Right I am going to finish watching Lost Girl and I will talk to you all tomorrow.
Don't forget to leave me feedback, and tell me what kind of posts you want to see.


Days until Christmas: 20
Days until my first A level exam: 38
What I am listening to right now: Lost Girl

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blogmas day #15 Elle's 15 question tag

Hey everyone, so I know that this isn't exactly the best post and that it doesn't exactly have anything to do with Christmas, but I am so tired and I just want to go to bed, so I decided to post this. I wrote it a few weeks ago encase of something like this. 
Hope you enjoy it.

1. What do you think you can do but can't? When I'm drunk I think I can sing
2. What's a difficult word for you to pronounce? I have a few but one of them is anaphylactic
3. What is a favourite TV show from your childhood? That is hard as I had so many. Hmm I'll go with Sabrina the teenage witch
4. What are your virtues and vices? Mine? I'm a good listener but I am also impatient and not very confident
5. What's more important: love, fame, power, or money? Love
6. If you could live in any era/time period, when would it be and why? 1920's I just love everything about it. Although I do also love the late 1800's
7. If you had to redo your entire wardrobe with 2 stores, what would they be and why? New Look and Matalan, they have a wide range of clothes that are affordable and long lasting
8. Can you recall what you were doing a year ago on this day? No idea
9. Do you have reoccurring dreams? If so, explain? I don't really remember my dreams
10. What's your horoscope? I'm a Libra 
11. What does your dream bedroom look like? En-suite bathroom, balcony, walk-in wardrobe and sophisticated. Kind of have a France feel to it maybe
12. What position do you sleep in? On my tummy
13. Who is your favourite vampire of all time? Damon Slavatore or Dracula
14. What are you currently wearing on your feet? Pink fuzzy socks
15. Do you have neat handwriting? Some people say I do, but I disagree.  

If you do this tag, or have done it, leave a link in the comments below, I would love to check them out.


Days until Christmas: 10

Days until my first A level exam: 28
What I am listening to right now: The sound of me typing