Monday, 3 September 2012

Ins and Outs - August

Hey girls, I hope you are all well.

It's pretty late, but I wanted to share with you all my Ins and Outs of August. Remember, I said in last months post, that I had an idea of a way to make this post longer? Yeah, well I didn't do it, but I've already started to do it for this month; and that makes up for it, right? :P
Anyway, onto the post.


  1. True Blood - This month it was the main programme I watched this month. I was obsessed! I watched every episode from season 1 to the final 2 episodes of the latest season. I haven't watched the last 2 episodes yet though, and I don't really know why, I guess because I was watching them all, caught up, then didn't know what day it was on. I know now that it was Monday's but it's too late now haha. I'm planning on watching the episodes in the next couple of days and I am really excited.
  2. Elle Fowler - This one didn't become an obsession until about 2 weeks ago, although I started watching her videos from the beginning back in June, I just stopped when I went away. I wanted to watch all of her videos in order of upload, and I have done that with her beauty channel, now I'm doing it with her vlog channel. I am obsessed with her. She inspires me, and I feel like we are very similar, and have the same sort of style, she just appears happier than I do, and that's what I want to be like. I don't  want to copy her, and do everything exactly like her, but I want to have her attitude on life, so I want to copy that side of her, if that makes sense.
  3. Getting into university - I feel like I have mentioned this quite a lot on here, but it is something I am so proud of and it's been the best thing that has happened to me all month, probably all year. I can't wait to start, and I'm actually planning some posts about organisation and studying whilst having a social life (well once I've worked that out :P) and maybe living on a budget, because I got my student finance letter today and realised that I am going to starve if I don't have a job haha 


  1. Wanting summer weather - As you probably all know, I am obsessed with autumn and winter right now and I can't wait for it to start getting colder officially. Don't get me wrong, it was really hot today and I loved it, I think I just get fed up wanting warm weather in the summer months, living in England, and want it to be the weather you expect. Also I love anything winter related, like scents and drinks and clothes, and of course my birthday is in October and there's Christmas. 
Well it looks like that is all for this month. It's so short this month, like shorter than normal. Oh well, hopefully next month will be longer.
What are your Ins and Outs of August? Let me know in the comments below. 

I have a huge list of blog post ideas, so I might try and write some of those this week, but I'm trying to make this week my last week of doing nothing and not caring about it, because I want to start getting ready for university. I'm hoping to read quite a bit this week, so I'm looking forward to that. 

Okay I'm going to go before this post gets super rambly.

I hope you all have a beautiful night.

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives



  1. I am totally with you on True Blood - I only have the finale of the latest season left to watch so am avoiding spoilers at all costs hehe :-)

    And Elle is one of my favourite Youtubers too - I especially love her book recommendation vlogs.

    Congratulations on getting into university!!! I loved it when I went and hope you will too!


    1. Me too, I'm actually planning on watching them either tonight or tomorrow, and I am excited.

      I love her Glitteratures too, they always make me want to read.

      Thank you :D I can't wait to start!

      Have a beautiful evening