Friday, 1 August 2014

Fashion Friday - A Sunny Saturday Outfit

Hey girls, I hope you're all well. It has been quite a while since I last posted anything on here, but I thought that with it being a new month I would try and get back into the whole blogging thing. Throughout the whole of August, which will hopefully carry on after, I plan on posting every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I don't post anything by 4.00pm on those days, please tweet me telling me I need to post something.

Today I am sharing with you all what I wore last Saturday to a fundraiser for an Autism support group in my home town.

Dress from Forever 21
Shoes from Everything5Pounds
Sunglasses from Primark
Dealthy Hallows Necklace from Ebay

I ended up changing my shoes to a pair of gladiator sandals because I found out that the fundraiser was on grass, and I'm sorry, but I'm not walking on grass in these wedges.

I had a nice day. The fundraiser itself wasn't much to write home about, but we went to a really nice outdoor cafe that was gorgeous. We spent quite a while there, and I had an amazing honeycomb ice cream. Seriously it was delicious. But then it started to rain, so we came home, and I realized I had spilt an ice lolly on my dress, and didn't want it to stain, so changed into my pyjamas, ate food and read Harry Potter.

This weekend I plan on going to Hobby Craft, then maybe having a High School Musical marathon, and I am excited! What are your plans for the weekend?


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