Friday, 30 May 2014

Fascination Friday - Party night outfit

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

A few weeks ago was my mum's 40th birthday, and I organised a party for her, and I wanted to share the outfit I wore for it, because I felt amazing in it.

I am absolutely in love with this dress. It is a long sleeved, white lace tip, with a navy skirt. It has an open back, with a bow where the top and skirt connect. It is really short, but I just wore shorts underneath to keep my dignity. What I love most about this dress is that the top is so soft; normally I find lace to be scratchy, but this feels cotton soft, and it is so nice to wear.
I bought it from my favourite site, Everything5pounds, so unfortunately it is no longer available.

The shoes I wore were a simple faux suede platform heel from New Look, which I bought last year, so may no longer be available. Over all I felt the best I had ever felt in this dress. I felt like a model, and had amazing confidence, and that was the reason I had to share this outfit with you, even though none of it is available any longer. I want to share what makes me feel great, and I hope you all have that one outfit, or maybe more than one outfit, that makes you feel like a million bucks.

Have a beautiful day

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives


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