Thursday, 20 December 2012

Blogmas day 20.

Hey girls, I hope you're all well. I'm writing this from my phone tonight, because I left my laptop in my room, where my parents are sleeping (long story) and I didn't want to miss another day. My day hasn't been too exciting, we just went and bought food for Christmas day, and say around watching E 4 and eating. So overall a good day,haha. We just finished watching Santa clause 2 which, as you all know, I love. I still find it hilarious! I think we're gonna have to watch the third one tomorrow night, so we've watched all 3 before Christmas. Well that's if we don't all die haha. I was glad to see that I'm not the only one who thinks it's ridiculous, but is still a little bit worried. On the news at 7 tonight it had a countdown to it, which is kinda scary. It showed that the apocalypse will happen at 11am GMT, so I might just try and sleep through it haha. I've got the sick, nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach right now, but I feel ridiculous. Maybe I should stop talking about it haha. I just realized I haven't my advent chocolate yet! But I feel too sick to go and get it, plus I'm kinda comfy on my sofa. Yes I am lazy haha. I feel like I've said haha a lot in this post, that is probably rather annoying, I'm sorry about that. Something else I feel I may need to apologise for is any very bad spelling mistakes, writing this from my phone is kinda hard, it doesn't let me see everything I'm writing, and I have my predict on. I should probably go, I'm about to start one Christmas night, which I thought I would've finished by now Have a beautiful day Dream beautiful dreams;live beautiful lives Xx Days until Christmas: 5 What I am listening to/watching right now: nothing but I do have stupid stupid in my head Christmas song of the day: all I want for Christmas is you.

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