Monday, 24 December 2012

Blogmas day 24. IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

Eepp! It's Christmas eve! Are you all ready for Santa to come and deliver your Christmas presents? Have you all been good? I know I have :-P

I'm gonna be honest and say that I wasn't feeling particularly festive for most of the day. In fact, I wanted to cry! It was horrible, I was just cleaning my room, trying to send a video to be uploaded on my collab channel, and my room just seemed to be getting messier and the video wouldn't send, so I just broke down. That was not fun, at all! But then my dad gave me an awesome Christmas card. It's a cat in a stocking, and you have to pull the cat out to read the card, and when you do that it starts meowing! How amazing is that?! I love it so much! We then went and got a take-away, because my mum refuses to cook on Christmas eve, so they had a KFC and I had a Subway, I also got a mint areo krushem which was so yummy! Like you HAVE to try it. So good. Then church, obviously. And, of course, that was so good! Even my dad and brother came, and they are Atheists! My brother said he got bored, but he gets bored easily :-P

Did you guys watch The Snowman and the snowdog? How cute was it? I loved what happened to the dog! Sorry, I'm trying to not give away any spoilers, just in case any of you haven't watched it yet, and maybe saving it until tomorrow night. I have a problem with the end of The Snowman (I'm guessing I'm not giving any spoilers away, because it is so old, sorry if I am) Right you know how the Snowman melts at the end? Yeah, well, I don't understand how. I mean there is still snow all over the ground, so why does he melt? I would maybe get it if all the snow melted away and not just the snowman, but nope still deep snow on the ground, so it makes no sense to me at all. Does anyone get it? If you do please tell me, cause I just don't get it.

Ohmygosh guys you have to watch this video, it is so cute!

How freakin' cute is that? I'm not even a fan of dogs, but I want her! She is just adorable! All I could say was 'Aww' for a long time. It was not a short aww, it was a very long aww. Not ashamed

I am getting sleepy, but I want to read, because I still haven't finished my last Christmas book. What should I do? I know, I just read until I start to fall asleep. 

Here are 2 more advent chocolates for you all to have a guess at. There is still one more, so make sure you check back tomorrow for it.

Right it is 20 to midnight, and if I don't get to bed Santa won't come. I will post tomorrow, but I know most of you probably won't read it until Boxing Day, so I'm gonna say it right now, have an amazing Christmas everyone. I love you all.

Have a beautiful day

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives


Days until Christmas: 1 more sleep guys!
What I am listening to/watching right now: White Christmas by Nick Pitera and Daniel LeClaire
Christmas song of the day: Santa Clause is coming to town! (I've been saving this song for tonight)

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