Saturday, 19 October 2013

#Blogtober #11 - Health and Fitness motivation Instagrams, Tumblrs, and Twitters

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

How has it already been a week since I blogged last? Sorry about that, I've had problems with my computer, and have been kind of ill, but I'm back!

So as you all know I'm very into health and fitness, and because of that I follow a lot of motivational Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter accounts, and they are great. But recently I've been seeing a trend on them, something that I don't feel is right, or healthy. Motivational? Yes, but healthy? No. And that is text posts that say things like "Do it for every time you've hated what you see in the mirror. Do it for every time you cried over your body. Do it for the double-takes. Lose that weight". Basically those posts are saying that being skinny will make you happy, and that is not true! Losing weight will not give you happiness, not in the long term. Losing weight will not make you love what you see in the mirror. What will make you love what you see in the mirror is accepting your body for how it looks RIGHT NOW.It is good to want to be healthy, and have muscle definition, but it won't make you happy.
I am aware that the majority of people who start eating healthy and exercising do it because they need to or at least feel like they need to lose weight, that's why I started it. But please don't do it because you think being thin will make you happy. Eat right, and exercise because you already love your body and you want to treat it right. That is the ultimate motivation, loving your body will make you want to eat right and exercise because you want your body to be at it's best and to function, and look after you.

Another thing I want to mention is that the 'fitspo' pictures they post of the very defined bodies tend to be Photo-shopped, you can tell most of the time if you are aware of it. Yes you can get defined abs, and a lifted booty by working out, but it also depends on your genetics, and how your body is made. Like me, you may have tight hips, meaning that you'll probably never get a thigh gap, or you might have thick, muscular thighs, again meaning you won't have a thigh gap (sorry for only mentioning thigh gaps here, it's the only thing I can think of right now). But you wanna know something? That is perfectly fine, you don't need a thigh gap to look or feel good, you don't need perfect abs to look or feel good. What will make you feel good is learning to love yourself.

There will be another post within the week about loving your body, and how to do that, so please check back for it. And share this post with as many people as you can. Show everyone that being skinny does not mean being happy.

I love you all

Have a beautiful day

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives


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