Monday, 27 August 2012

British Rambles: Currently

Hey girls, I hope you're all well. 

I didn't blog yesterday, and I'm trying this new thing where I don't go more than 1 day without updating, so I wanted to write something today. However I didn't quite know what I was in the mood to write, so I thought I would do a British Rambles. 
I wanted it to be more specific so, I thought I would do a 'Currently' post, which was inspired by the lovely Em from EmberDrake. I feel like I'm always linking her blog, I love it so much.

Listening To Elle Fowler, talking about books that she's read. I'm kind of watching all of her videos in order, so this is an old video from just over a year ago.

Eating I'm currently not eating anything, because I have just finished my tea which was Carrot and coriander soup, with a baguette. It was so yummy, and totally fits the weather today (very cold and rainy)

Drinking Peppermint tea. I am so obsessed with using things up, and I only have about 8 tea bags left of this flavour, so I'm drinking it like crazy, plus it's pretty relaxing.

Wearing My comfiest, warmest pyjamas and my cosy dressing gown. I definitely feel like it's autumn/winter time today, which I am loving.

Feeling Content. I haven't felt content in a while, so this is quite nice.

Weather Cold and rainy. I am so excited for winter and this weather makes me feel happy

Wanting To finish a bunch of products that I've been using, and to sell more stuff from my blog sale. I did sell one thing today on Amazon, and that made me happy 

Needing Hmm this is hard, I guess I need to find a room mate, to fill my soon to be empty room in my house. I also need to decorate that room.

Thinking How Elle always makes me want to read, and now I really want to read, but don't want to stop watching her videos. I'm conflicted! 

Enjoying Watching Elle's videos. I think I may be obsessed!

Well that was it for today, please feel free to do this on your blog, and leave the link below. I might do this on a semi-regular basis, like when I'm struggling with a post idea, and I don't want to do a full on ramble. What do you guys think?

Have a beautiful evening.

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives


P.S. Don't forget to check out my blog sale. I have interesting things on there.

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