Thursday, 30 August 2012

What's in my purse/bag?

Hey girls, I suddenly had the urge to write this blog post, so I thought I would.

I took the pictures for this post about a month ago, so the bag is actually not the bag I use any more, because the strap broke. The bag I am currently using is an old bag I found in my room, however I really don't like it, so as soon as I have some spare cash, I will be buying a new one I have found in Asda that I like a lot.

Anyway onto what is in my bag.

I loved this bag and was genuinely upset that it broke. It had a small compartment in the front and, obviously, a larger one behind. I love brown and tan bags, and my current bag is grey, so I can't wait to get a new bag.

I always carry the book I am currently reading. This one is Mum on the run by Fiona Gibson, and it was so good. I've finished about 2 books since this picture was taken and am currently reading A summer affair by Milly Johnson.

This is my diary (not a secret diary though) and I don't think I could live without this. I am a super organised person, so write everything down in this, it's also organised to keep me even more organised. If you want a post on how I organise my diary/life just let me know, I would be happy to write it for you.

Even though I keep pens in my diary, they are only for my diary, so I keep a pencil case with me. It doesn't only have regular pencil case stuff, it also has a stapler, because you never know when you're going to need one.

This is my hole puncher. It's separate because it doesn't fit in my pencil case, which is kind of annoying, but I'll live.

My purse. I love this purse, I've had it for about 3 years(?) and got it from Diechmann (I can never spell that) it has so many sections for your cards, and money, and I can even keep my phone in it, so if I just want to run out of the door I can just grab this.

Sunscreen is essential to keep in your bag, especially during summer. I'll probably stop carrying this with me from October, because that's when the sun really goes away. I really like this one, it is Nivea Sun baby factor 50+, so it is super protective. The only problem is it is so white on my face. Next year I am definitely buying a sunscreen designed for my face.

Hand cream. I use a hand cream after every time I wash my hands, because I have really dry hands, particularly in the autumn/winter months, so it's good to keep a tube in my bag, as well as on my bathroom windowsill. I bought this one a couple of Christmases ago from Avon, and love the packaging, because as you all know I love autumn and winter, and that's what the packaging reminds me of.

My make-up bag and travel brushes. The make-up bag is a Miss Sporty one I got free years ago with a magazine; I think I've had it since I was about 15. The brushes were from Avon, and I love them. If you want a separate post on what I carry in my make-up bag, let me know in the comments below.

Sunglasses are obviously essential in the summer, but I actually carry them all year round, because sometimes it's sunny but very very cold, so I go out protecting my eyes all wrapped up, looking rather strange.

Notebooks and a bible verse. The bottom notebook is for lists, because I'm always making lists, and the top notebook is for new words I learn, and things like that, although I don't really use that much, which is kind of sad.

Hand sanitizer, obviously, you want to keep your hands clean. I'm actually running out, so I need go and buy more, because I use this all of the time. This has a really strong scent, which is okay when you are out in the open, but it's a bit too strong for indoors, so I'm going to buy a different one this time, even though this is my favourite scent.

Blotting papers, which should really be in my make-up bag; I'm not sure why it is separate. These are just to freshen up throughout the day.

This is a coin purse which I think is cute because it is pink and has tea and cupcakes on, which are my favourite things. This just keeps my earphones in so they don't get tangled, which is a good tip by the way if your earphones get tangled all the time.

And last but not least, I always carry at least 2 lip balms with me. The smaller one is a fun one, it is a Pepsi Max vanilla flavour, in the shape of a can, it's yummy, and actually quite moisturising for 49p from Home Bargains. The other one is Nivea SPF 30, which I am loving, it really protects my lips from the suns harsh rays. 

So that was all that I carry in my bag. It is now after midnight, and I started writing this at half past 11, hoping it would be posted on time to count as a post on the 29th. Oh well I'm still awake so it does count! :P
Sorry that this post is kind of blabbery and probably doesn't make much sense, I don't normally write this late at night, but I'm wide awake and watching more of Elle's videos. I'm almost caught up, I'm just finishing a page of videos before going to bed. I think I have about 2 videos left on this page and then 27 videos left to watch tomorrow. I just get obsessed really easily and don't stop until I've finished something. Does anyone else do that? Apparently that is one of my nerdy traits. I'm kind of embracing my inner (well not so inner) nerd since Summer in the City. It's good.

Anyway I should really sign off from here now, and let you all go. Talk soon.

Have a beautiful night.

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives.


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