Monday, 16 July 2012

Excuses and my last 2 weeks in Instagram

Hey girls, I hope you're all well.

I feel like I've not written anything for so long, even though it's only been a weekend. I was supposed to be out every night this weekend, which was very exciting for me, because normally I have no life, like at all, however I came down with a stomach bug, and missed my YF social on Saturday, my final YF on Sunday, and my friends birthday tonight.

It really sucks being ill, but I did get to spend some quality time with my mum on Friday. We spent the day shopping in Chester, in the rain (maybe that's why I'm ill) which was great, I adore Chester. We then went to see Magic Mike in Cheshire Oaks, which was pretty good. I mean the acting and story line was crap, but lets face it naked guys will always make up for that ;-P.

Anyway, seeing as I didn't do this last week, you're getting the last 2 weeks of my life on Instagram, enjoy :')

Internet acting up again!

Very British summer, rain!

Chocolate and Bacon rashers combined, tastes ok as long as you eat the chocolate straight away, otherwise the chocolate tastes icky

Cocktail I had at my friends

What I wanted to do on that day

But instead did some gardening

I'm loving blueberries at the moments

I got all wet when I went to get ......

Snacks for a tea and movie day with my mum (we do that a lot)

All the alcohol we had to throw out, because it was years out of date when we were cleaning out our alcohol cupboard (we basically only have wine and whisky left, and none of us drink either of those)

Internet cutting out again!

A scab I got when I fell over kinda looks like a heart, although it's not very clear in this picture

I crashed my computer when I opened too many tabs trying to catch up on my blog posts

A healthy lunch I had, and it was so good!

A healthy dinner I had. It is going to be my perfect winter meal (I'm annoyingly obsessed with winter right now)

I painted my nails orange, the polish came free with this months cosmopolitan 

Rain for my mum and I's day out in Chester

Starbucks hot chocolate in Chester. Seriously, I am ready for winter

Amazing pancakes my mum and I had in Frankie and Benny's before watching Magic Mike

Blue lying beside me as I was curled up on the sofa feeling sorry for myself


  1. I really want to see Magic Mike - glad to hear the naked guys is worth it! lol :-D And the free Cosmo nailpolish looks a lovely colour!

    Hope your computer/internet starts to behave - it's a real blogging nightmare when mine acts up!


    1. Oh yeah, totally worth it haha.
      Thank you, I do like it :-) They also have them in pink and yellow :-)
      Thank you, it's been fixed, there was a broken wire, that controls everyone's connection :/

      Have a beautiful day