Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Sisterhood of the world of bloggers

Hey girls, hope you're all well.

About 2 weeks ago, I was nominated for the 'Sisterhood of the world of bloggers' award by Ember of Emberdrake, and it is such an honer to win this.

I've never read or watch 'Sisterhood of the traveling pants' however I have heard a lot about it, and this award conveys that friendship between beauty bloggers. You guys always leave such lovely comments on my posts, and I love reading your posts too. I adore the whole community aspect of blogging, it's the main reason I do it.

The rules for accepting:

  1. Include the awards logo in your post or on your blog
  2. Share the love and link the person who nominated you
  3. Tell 7 facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 7 other beautiful bloggers
  5. Link your nominees to this post and comment on their blogs, letting them know they've been nominated
7 facts about me:
  1. I hate beer, cider and wine. I really wish I liked them, as they are seen as more sociably acceptable drinks to be bought, or at house parties, and wine always makes me think of sophistication, but, alas it makes me want to gag.
  2. I'm kinda obsessed with being organised. I am constantly making to do lists, colour co-ordinating, re-organising etc. I don't feel right if I go out without my diary, cause it has everything I need in it. I also need a routine for everything, which I think I've mentioned before.
  3. I would love a cat. I have always wanted one, and my mum and dad have always said that they'll buy me one once I have my own place, which will hopefully be soon.
  4. I don't wear make-up very often, I would much rather focus on my skin care.
  5. I love reading quotes, in fact I have an entire wall dedicated to them.
  6. I hardly ever leave my house without my bag. It has everything I would ever need in it. 
  7. I have recently stopped reading a book because I realised I didn't like it. I've only ever done that once before, because I always try and give the book a chance, but I realised that the genre just isn't my reading style
7 bloggers:
  1. Nabzz from asweetcupofcoffee
  2. Beabarella from beabarella
  3. Charlotte from notafashionstudent
  4. Beth from allthingsbeautiful
  5. Sarah from soupforthegirlysoul
  6. Sarah from Tullesandtrinkets
  7. Chelle from Chellesbeauty
Hope you enjoyed this post, and thanks for sticking by me, even when I've been absent, you guys are the best!

Check back tomorrow for a random but maybe exciting post

Dream beautiful dreams; live beautiful lives


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