Monday, 2 July 2012

New Years Resolutions update

Hey girls, hope you are all well.

Today I wanted to share with you how I am getting on with my New Years Resolutions. I know I said I would do this every month and only did it for 2, but you all know why.

Anyway my resolutions were:

  1. Follow my skin care routine day and night. 
  2. Brush my teeth every day and night.
  3. Take my vitamins everyday. 
  4. Eat cleaner/healthier.
  5. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
  6. Work harder at school and work, so I can get into university.
  7. Read 6 books by the summer holidays. 
  8. Appreciate all that I have more often.
  9. Do something that scares me at least once a month.
  10. Learn to play the ukulele.

  1. I have been doing pretty well on this one, there was a couple of mornings and nights when I was so tired I fell asleep without washing my face (like last night) or got up too late to do it properly; but overall I have been keeping to this and my skin is pretty clear, apart from a few blackheads
  2. This is the same as number one, there have been nights where I just fell asleep without brushing my teeth but I always brush my teeth in the morning. In fact, I don't talk to anyone until I have brushed my teeth, so it is always the first thing I do in the morning
  3. I have pretty much got this down. I did seem to miss a few days last month, I'm not really sure why, but I think I'm back on track. I take them right before I have breakfast which means I always remember to have them
  4. This one has been on and off the last couple of months, because I live by the 'Stressed is Desserts backwards' thing. I am a HUGE comfort eater and even though I did try really hard to eat healthy, some days all I ate was junk food
  5. Exercise has been hard but I did exercise slightly everyday by walking for, roughly, half an hour a day; this was added to by having my school bag with me. However I don't feel like it was enough, but I am 100% getting back into it from today, in fact I've already done a half an hour run today
  6. As you all know I was working pretty hard. I did get distracted quite a bit but overall I feel like I did my best
  7. I did this! I am actually in the middle of reading my seventh book and am hoping to finish two more before everybody else breaks up for summer (seeing as mine started earlier ;D)
  8. I've said this before, but this one is hard to know if you are succeeding or not, but I know that I am trying, I swear I am trying
  9. I think exams are enough scaring for one person, don't you? Other than exams, I haven't done anything, but I will try to do this one again
  10. I haven't done this at all, but with a long summer ahead of me, I only have two goals: to get fit and to learn the ukele, and to be honest, I am excited!
Well that's it, I hope you enjoyed this post. How are you all getting on? Let me know in the comments below. Remember to never give up! 

Remember to check back later, because I have more posts planned for today!

Talk to you all later

Have a beautiful day


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