Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kim's Book Corner

Hey girls, I hope you're all well. Well I came up with a name for my book reviews, but I feel like it is too close to Ember's, which is Ember's book nook, so if you guys have any other ideas let me know in the comments below :-)

Today I want to do a review on a book that has been out for a while, and I have had for a couple of years, but for some reason I never got around to reading, and it is 'The Vampire Diaries'.

I bought this book when the TV series began, and started reading it straight away, but for whatever reason I never finished it. I kinda put it away and forgot about it (same thing I did with another book I am reading right now) But I decided that this summer I was going to read all the books I have always wanted to read but  never got around to, and this, obviously, was one of them.

This has 2 books in one, so they are really short, and great summer reads. I can't really read 'vampire' novels at the moment because they make me panic about my media studies exam (we studied a vampire movie) however, I found that you forgot that Stefan isn't human. Although there was a few times you remembered, but it wasn't too bad. I've found recently that I am enjoying reading about humans, rather than vampires or werewolves, because I don't, personally, like the hype around them. I guess for that reason I was hesitant about reading this, but I delved right in and, it only took me a couple of days to read.

There are other books in the series, and the way the second boo ended was very smart. I ends on a cliffhanger, and leaves you wanting more, so I will probably be reading the others.
It also made me want to watch the TV series from the beginning again, and I'm kind of excited to do that.

Overall I would totally recommend this book to everyone who enjoys teenage novels, or just want a simple book to escape into, because you really do lose yourself in it.
Have you guys read this book? If so what did you think? Let me know in the comments below

Talk to you all soon

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  1. I've got the first three Vampire Diaries books on my shelf at home but have never gotten around to reading them.

    If they're quite short, fun reads - I'll have to give them a try this Summer! Especially as I love the TV show too! :-)


    1. You should definitely read them, you can get through them super quick which is perfect for summer :-)

      Have a beautiful day