Monday, 9 July 2012

TAG! 33 questions to get to know me

Hey girls, I hope you're all well. I have been catching up on my blog post reading list, you know all the ones I missed when I wasn't living a life haha; I only have 56 left :-)

My internet cut out earlier, so I was going through my pictures and documents on my laptop, organising them, and I found a few that I had written or prepared that I never got around to posting, so I thought I would share them with you over the next week or so.
The first one is a tag which I tag you all to do, and here it is:

1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Yeah I think that it is so cute
2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Probably a short party dress
3. Are diamonds a girl's best friend? I'm not so sure about that if I'm honest
4. Is your hair up or down today? It was up but I just got out of the shower so it is down
5. Do you straighten your hair? Occasionally, but right now I don't have any straightening irons
6. Favourite mascara? Maybelline falsies black drama
7. Do you get your nails done? Occasionally yes
8. Small or large purses? Large, I need to be able to carry everything I need
9. Jeans or sweats? Jeans if I am out, but sweats if I am just chilling out
10. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewellery that's uncomfortable? Skinny jeans are definitely uncomfortable for me so yeah
11. Do you text message a lot? All the time
12. Whats your favourite colour? Pink which I know is predictable, but I’ve always liked it LOL
13. Heels or flats? I love heels but I walk a lot so I mostly wear flats
14. Would you ever leave the house without make-up on? A lot more recently although I still don't feel comfortable doing so
15. Walmart or Target? I've never been to the States so I don't know
16. Do you think lip gloss is the best!? Yeah, I prefer it to Lipstick
17. Do you own any big sunglasses? Yeah, I don't like small sunglasses
18. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About an hour to an hour and a half
19. Gold or silver? Both, although a lot of my jewellery lately has been silver
20. Do you like to wear dresses? Love it, I wish I owned more
21. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy? No
22. Do you like to hold hands? If I'm dating someone of course I do
23. What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Eyes, definitely eyes. I've had to stop looking guys in the eye
24. Do you like making eye contact? Yeah, but I think I freak people out when I do it
25. Would you kill for chocolate? Maybe, depends on how badly I'm craving it
26. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? 8
27. Do you yell a lot? Yeah, but I'm trying to stop
28. Do you wear sweatpants/pyjamas to school/work? I have but I don't really like doing that
29. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? Nope, you should always be yourself, no matter what
30. What makeup could you not live without? Lip balm
31. Do you fall in love easily? No, but I do fall for guys easily
32. Do you have cramps? Quite a lot
33. Do you think you have the bestest friend ever? Yeah she is pretty awesome

That was the tag. Please all of you do it, I would love to see your answers to this.

Talk to you all later

Dream beautiful dreams, live beautiful lives


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